Above the Clouds




What makes Breathwork so powerful?

The breath holds so much power in releasing anxiety, addiction, trauma, depression and stored negative emotions from the body. Breathwork stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, drenches the body in oxygen, dislodges anxiety and trauma from the body and neutralises negative charge creating profound healing benefits. Whilst modern therapy addresses the mind, it is imperative we heal the body on a cellular level to achieve dramatic positive results and lasting changes. We uproot stored negative memories, emotions and beliefs from the past that keep us stuck in cycles of anxiety, addiction and low self esteem.

When we become stressed or anxious our breathing patterns reflect this, becoming shallow and tense. When we open up the breathing mechanism we put our body in a free and empowered state. 


Breathwork has become an increasingly popular healing modality in the last few years, being featured in the likes of The Times, Forbes, The Standard and other prestigious publications. From Rebirthing Breathwork to Holotropic, Transformational Breathwork to the Wim Hoff method, all these practices are having profound positive effects on people across the globe. 

Breathwork is a powerful healing modality to dislodge negative emotions from the body for lasting healing benefits and powerful changes. 

To help

Release anxiety- Gain Clarity- empower

Releasing stored and repressed emotions through the breath, whilst neautralising negative energetic charge, is one of the most liberating and powerful things we can do.  


"It is my mission to help you achieve the best version of yourself, free from negative energy and limiting beliefs. I aim to aid you in achieving deep and lasting benefits and to empower you with the tools for the rest of your life"- Georgi Mottram, Founder 



"Georgi is an absolutely incredible Breathwork practitioner- she has enabled me to become more grounded and because of that I feel empowered. I have learnt that, once I allowed myself to trust my breath, I have so much more control and my anxiety is disappearing." Jasmine- Opera Singer, West End Performer