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Finding Breathwork 


When I found Breathwork It was the most transformative healing modality that I had ever experienced. After one breathwork session my anxiety was relieved so dramatically that I had to explore it further. And it wasn't just the initial release in anxiety, the more I did it the further away I got from the acute anxiety and it was seemingly effecting me on a deep and lasting level. I had to find out why and how this miracle was happening. I was releasing the negative charge from my body, I was releasing anxiety, stress and panic attacks from a cellular level and changing my internal state for good. 

My Story 


Opera singer, lecturer, piano and singing teacher turned Breathwork practitioner. After experiencing severe anxiety and trauma myself, I was introduced to Breathwork and had first hand experience of the power of the breath. After a series of events which arguably could have caused a traumatic response in my body I sought therapy for months along with seeing numerous other holistic healing practitioners. I felt I was loosing my mind with consistent never-ending worries accompanied by so much anxiety in my body I could hardly breathe. This was happening every single day. To the point where I felt like I couldn't step outside my door and felt I couldn't carry on.













I then trained with the internationally renowned Global Breathing Awareness to certify as a Breathwork Practitioner and a Re-birthing Breathwork Practitioner.


Today I live a balanced, empowered, wonderful life, performing in places like Windsor Castle, on the BBC, West End whilst working with clients, aiding them on their journey. I am passionate about helping people rid their body of anxiety so they can live a free and fulfilled life. 

During anxiety, overwhelm, panic attacks or severe stress, it is hard to believe there is a way out. It is incredibly hard to see the light. But, for me, beause of my own transformation, breathwork is the light. And transformation occurs so quickly the moment you start working with the breath.

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