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As part of an addiction recovery programme Breathwork holds the body and the brain in a state of peace, long enough to relax possibly for the first time ever. Allowing us to find our inner power and strength. Holding the person in this peaceful states reduces the limiting beliefs and doubts that makes us feel inferior; allowing us to release blocked emotions and energy from our body. 


Addictions are held, remembered and stored in the body, not so much the mind. Breathwork is a fantastic addition to other healing methods such as counselling or AA/NA. Whilst sharing groups help offload the burden and are incredible for lasting sobriety, breathwork aids in healing the body on a cellular level. It also creates the quiet space where all you are relying on is your breath as your primary relationship.


Through a Breathwork session we strip away layers of negative emotion, addictions, and years of bodily stress. Breaking the addictive patterns and cycles in the body that the body has become addicted to.  Breathwork, when used to treat substance abuse is performed under supervision of myself, as the Breathwork practitioner. 


Many people experience emotional and energetic breakthroughs that can greatly assist in lasting sobriety. 

And should you be exploring the 12 step process, Breathwork can be known to achieve such a blissful state in which it is common to have spiritual Breakthroughs. This in turn, can transform your life and can assist in a profound understanding of what it means to trust and surrender addiction up to a higher power. 

As someone who has first hand experience witnessing addiction in a loved one and witnessed the pain and struggle, it is my life mission to help. The reason I trained as a Breathwork practitioner was because I am impassioned by the positive and lasting effects I've seen it have. 


“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy” Nietzsche 

Sunset in Mountain
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