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What is Breathwork?

During a Breathwork session we take the body through a series of intricate breathing techniques, specific to each individual client, we open up the breathing mechanism and we use a circular breathing pattern which is particularly potent in releasing negative emotions and anxiety. 

Sometimes it’s beneficial to work from the root up, healing the body before we tackle the mind. Conventional therapy leaves us understanding the problem from the minds perspective (which is so necessary) but because we don’t address the stored emotional memory within the body, the negative energy becomes stuck there. We’ve discovered that the body has its own ‘brain’. The heart for example possesses a heart-brain composed of 40,000 sensory neurons that can sense, feel, learn and remember. Breathwork dislodges negative and traumatic emotions stored on a cellular level from the bodies memory.

Breathwork is a simple way to release all the negative blocks that are holding you back from being your most peaceful and powerful self. Through the breath, negative energy and traumatic experiences are released from the body. It can help improve personal and professional relationships, increase self confidence and relieve mental physical and emotional tension.

The Breathwork journey is highly advised to be at least ten sessions. Each session, the breath releases what it needs to heal; the breath releases toxic negative energy on its own timeline and terms. When all the negative stored energy is stripped away we are left feeling how we were born to feel... joyful, in flow, free of fear, full of love, energised and in our power. We are left without anxiety, fears and doubts. We are left being able to soak up all the joyful things that are available to us in our life.

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