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Above the Clouds


If you are suffering from limiting beliefs, self- doubt, stressful thoughts, severe patterns of overthinking and worry...

If you are suffering from stress, addictions, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD/ trauma, low-self esteem or worry. 


If you have a high pressured job, or your workplace has become stressful, you are having a hard time adjusting to this ever-changing world we live in currently. If you have an emotionally draining home life or a partner who is relying on you emotionally. If you are under stress or pressure in a work or home environment.


If you are carrying anxiety, stress and tension in your body... If your breathing is feeling tight and shallow... If you are looking to increase athletic performance... If you want to open up the breathing mechanism for expansive breathing and excellent health benefits. 


If you want to drench your body in oxygen, put your heart into cardiac coherance and experience miraculous effects on the body. If you would like to experience some of the side effects such as brighter eyes, clearer skin, a healthy glow and anti-ageing benefits. If you would like to experience the detoxifying effects a breathwork session has on the body.


If you are craving to delve deeper into your healing journey, looking for a transformative spiritual experience and looking to experience peace, serenity and a state of calm. 

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