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Combining Breathwork and affirmative thinking stimulates the amygdala, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, increases and harnesses the neuroplasticity in the brain. This deactivates the flight or fight response and creates new, calm, empowered neuropathways when we are under pressure. Allowing us to feel fearless, empowered and in control when we perform.


As a performer myself, I have suffered from anxiety attacks and acute anxiety. Anxiety, stage fright and panic attacks are very common amongst even the most seasoned performers, the subject carries much unwarranted stigma. Through Breathwork I conquered acute anxiety, performing to 40,000 people without being nervous and 3 million people live on the BBC feeling calm, centred and empowered. 


Our mind and body needs to be in such healthy conditions to perform, for we are baring our souls to the world in the most wonderful and vulnerable way. As a performer we are asked to switch on our adrenaline response regularly and sometimes on a daily basis. Staying in this high anxiety state without neutralising the negative charge means we can easily be tipped over the edge into the realms of anxiety attacks, panic attacks or stage fright. Activating the parasympathetic response whilst creating positive new beliefs makes it near impossible to have a panic attack, and one of the most potent ways to do this is through Breathwork. 


Breathwork FREES the body from fear. And as the body releases fear the mind becomes in a wonderful fertile state to make new empowering beliefs and responses to performing.


Anxiety and limiting beliefs become addictive but with Breathwork we can break the cycle by neutralising the negative charge in the body, bringing trauma to the surface to be released


It's my mission to aid performers in feeling fearless when they perform, getting to the root of their fear and become completely and utterly empowered.










I offer a discount of up to 50% for performers, making the sessions:

Deep dive one-off session: 1.15 hours- £70

One-off session: 45 mins- £50

Bundle of 5 (1.15 hours)- £65 per session- £325

Bundle of 10 (1.15 hours)- £60 per session- £600

I understand what a difficult and challenging time this has been and hope this discount helps. 

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